Mornings, how I love you

If you couldn’t tell by the time that I generally post each day, I am a morning person. It took a number of years before I recognized and admitted to the fact, but now that I am in-touch with myself [or something like that], I now complete a number of tasks as the sun peeks above the horizon each day.

But hey, give me a weekend and I’ll sleep until 1PM. I just said I was a morning person, not that I could pop out of bed at 5:30AM without reservations!

If you’ve been following my Twitter, then you might have seen my tweet about breaking into a new paper planner with pretty pens… well, I wasn’t kidding about being “old fashioned”:

Being the neurotic, type A pre-med [wow, only 24 more days until I can finally change my SDN status from pre-med to medical student!] that I am, I really like the idea of color-coding everything. Currently, my pretty new planner utilizes a four-color code: black is for making check marks when I’m done with a task or writing important events for the day, red is for tasks that are urgent, pink is for fun tasks and blue is for my road trip [well, for now… we’ll have to find blue a new home after Aug 4].

Do I foresee myself continuing this ridiculous way of keeping track of things once school starts? I don’t know. I’ve never been great at maintaining paper planners, but I’ve noticed a marked increase in productivity since I started writing tasks down again. I do still use Google Calendar religiously [no seriously… I should screenshot this thing sometime…], but have noticed that the satisfaction of checking the little task box on a screen just isn’t as great as making a cute little check box next to each of my tasks. I guess we’ll see!

Anyway, it’s finally Friday and I am busy thinking about my move out from Ann Arbor [probably next weekend] and settling in at my new home. That, and bracing myself for the doom [jk] that is medical school which will begin in under a month [!].

[Maybe I’ll make a color-coded task list for my move…]

One thought on “Mornings, how I love you

  • July 15, 2011 at 10:42 pm

    So jealous. Hopefully that will be me in a year, minus the multicolored pens and paper planner; I’ve never been able to keep up with one of those, regardless of color variety used.

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