Ann Arbor Art Fair

Today’s inane image of the day:
This, my friends, is what has become of State St.


Ahhh, yes, not much has changed since the picture I posted of the Ann Arbor Art Fair 3 years ago. Still looks like there are a lot of people. Still looks like the likelihood that you’ll run into someone’s sweaty arm is phenomenally high. Still looks like a lot of overpriced… stuff [art?].

In reality, I am not that annoyed with the Art Fair — it boosts the local economy and it’s representative of the culture in Ann Arbor. I personally find it interesting to peruse what these artists have come up with, and some of the stuff I stumble upon is truly breathtaking. Maybe in 20ish years when I’ll be looking into decorating my new home, will I really get to appreciate that so many people flock to the streets of Ann Arbor just to display their work.

Plus, if you’ve never been to the fair and really like Urban Outfitters, that’s an excuse in itself to come. Each year, the Urban Outfitters on State St. uses the Art Fair as a way to get rid of lots and lots of stuff. What this translates to for the shopaholic is 50% off of all clearance items [woohoo!]. During my first two Art Fairs, I enjoyed fighting with the crowds to pick out a really good deal… but this year… eh. Yesterday, after I finally got my car into the driveway and parked, I headed to the gym, and on my way back tried to sneak in a little shopping. To my dismay, I was not impressed with what I saw, and just didn’t have the energy to fight for a couple articles of clothing. Plus, I’ve found that Urban’s clothes are either way too small [read: can fit on a “my size Barbie”] or way too huge [read: fits like a huge garbage bag]. So I gave up.

At least it wasn’t packed at [sadly, their URL isn’t actually] when I went for dinner [20% off your entire bill on Wednesdays and Sundays!]. Mmm, Americanized sushi is just too yummy.

Anyway, that really long Ann Arbor food/dessert/coffee/tea list is still in the works. I decided that it wasn’t much of a bucket list since it’s more representative of my impression of each establishment [and which ones that I frequented… maybe a bit too often].