Roadtrip update: from Flagstaff, AZ

Today’s inane image of the day:

Mike and I decided to go for something not in the “fast food” category and settled on this cute place called Criollo Latin Kitchen — it was very tasty!
I’m going to save the OUWB Admitted Student Update post for later tonight when we get to Palm Springs — look out for it!
In my lifetime I have traveled to Chicago, New York City, Boston, middle-of-nowhere Massachusetts [read: Great Barrington], Costa Rica [for a wedding when I was pretty young], and China. While I went to Milwaukee for the MCW interview, I didn’t get a chance to explore the city, so I’m not counting that. Anyway, the point of this is that I am by no means the most well-traveled person, so this trip is really exciting to me.

Recently, I conversed with someone about medical schools and the importance of location. I personally feel comfortable in the Midwest probably because I grew up here and know what to expect. She had lived in a number of cities and mentioned that her experience in Texas was a positive one — she noted that the South seemed friendlier than Michigan. While I tried to defend my home-state, I could not say anything about the South because I had never experienced it before.
Although I haven’t lived in the South, staying a night in Oklahoma and passing through Texas has given me something to work with. I did notice that people were a lot more hospitable. It’s funny how I always had this horribly closed-minded idea of what life was like in the South, and now I realize how wrong it was. Some part of me wants to live somewhere down here for a couple of years [I could do without snow for a couple years!].
Anyway, time to hit the Grand Canyon!