Clean, clean, clean

Today’s inane image of the day:

Mmm I’ve recently become obsessed with Smart Water… so tasty! [YES, I assure you I can taste water!]

After a solid hour of breathing bathroom cleaning chemical fumes [a robust combination of Scrubbing Bubbles, bleach and 409 — don’t judge my chemical choices!], I decided that it was time for a Smart Water and blog update break. Whew, who knew that I could accumulate so much mildew gunk in my year of living in this apartment?! 
It looks like I’m mostly done with the cleaning portion of my visit — these old apartment units really need some better air filtration systems… I’ve probably cleaned off at least a pound of dust from random surfaces that I never used while I was inhabiting the space. Plus, my air filter needed to be cleaned at least 3 times to get all of the dust out!
While I cannot say that I’ll miss this particular unit [so much more cramped and old smelling than my previous unit in the same complex], I definitely made some great memories in here. 
Uh oh, my air conditioner is making weird noises… better go tend to that and move on to Phase 2 of cleaning my apartment…
[More on OUWB later today or tomorrow!]