OUWB Orientation: Day 2

Today’s inane images of the day:

My locker in the Medical Student Lounge… and yes, it comes with a lock!

Because I know that you are all so concerned about my health, I thought I’d show off my tasty lunch [I do love vinegar and thus, it makes sense that I also love Kombucha… do I believe in its healing powers? Eh…]

I apologize that today’s update won’t be as fabulous as my Day 1 entry, primarily because today is a laid-back day, but also because I’m still recovering from how full of a day we had yesterday. 
This morning we determined our learning styles [the majority of us were visual, including myself], wrote letters to our M4-selves, and were introduced to the AAMC Careers in Medicine resources. Afterwards, we took our laptops out and learned how to navigate through Moodle and then had a crash course on Mac OS.

After a lunch break, I returned to the library to do a scavenger hunt/self-guided tour and then settled into the Medical Student Library to listen to an orientation presentation [oh, that rhymes!]. Once that was complete… we were free for the day.

And so here I am…