An Evening of New Beginnings and White Coat Ceremony

I apologize for the silence these past couple of days… but I’m back!

The last two days of orientation have been a whirlwind of activity for our class. Namely, we finally saw what “An Evening of New Beginnings” was about and officially declared our dedication to the medical profession through recitation of the Declaration of Geneva at the White Coat Ceremony. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that both events were inspiring and a great way to begin our journey into the profession.

I do not have many more photos from the “Evening of New Beginnings,” but I can say I shared a table with a delightful couple who also graduated from the University of Michigan. In addition to the presence of some very important people and some very important words said by those very important people, the charter class received a gift from Oakland University and the William Beaumont Health System:

Can you guess what’s inside? [Thank you to the person who had to sit there and wrap 50 of these box lids… you did a fabulous job aligning the paper, ribbon and OUWB sticker!]

Ta-da! It’s our very own first stethoscope!

We also had a very tasty dinner!
Yesterday, one of our first milestones in the medical profession was the White Coat Ceremony:
The ceremony was held on the lawn of the beautifully historic Meadowbrook Hall right on Oakland University’s campus. We listened attentively to more words from Dean Folberg, sage advice and words from the AAMC President, Dr. Darrell Kirch, and about ourselves from Dr. Nuzzarello [unfortunately, around this time the microphone went out around this time] prior to approaching the stage to individually receive our white coats. I know you are all curious to see how awesome they are:
Even an XS is pretty big on me… 

Each of us received an OUWB pin.

Thank you Arnold P. Gold Foundation for this momentous event!

We also received special patches designating us as the Charter Class!

After we received our coats, we recited the Declaration of Geneva as a class:
“Class” then ended, and we took something like a thousand photos of our charter class [it was really bright out… and my face hurt from smiling so much] [I really hope they have a very talented editor… we all agreed that we all needed a bit of airbrush treatment!]. 
Anyway, we have a few assignments already due [actually, we have a reflective writing due tonight…], so I’m off to complete those.

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  • August 14, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    Thank you so much for your descriptions of the amazing events. My daughter is one of your classmates, and it’s wonderful for me to see the photos and some details from far away.

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