Thoughts from Day 2

Today’s inane image of the day:

These are the texts I need to crack open in preparation for tomorrow’s lectures. Remember that I love books… do expect to see lots of photos of books, lecture notes, etc!

For some reason, I came home absolutely exhausted. Looking back on the past couple of days, I wasn’t too sleep-deprived, but I’ve come to realize over the years that I am absolutely useless without a full night’s rest [how will I survive clerkships?!], so I succumbed to that fact, and took a nap. Sadly, it was a longer-than-intended nap, so it’ll probably mess up the rest of my sleep early wake early schedule [I should be passed out for the night by now!] but I think it was totally worth it seeing that I feel much better.
How I wish I could operate on little sleep!
One of the realities of every educational institution is that not every professor will be effective and loved by the students — while I do not think that OUWB is immune to this phenomenon, I am happy that the overwhelming majority of our lecturers are enthusiastic, prepared and happy to be sharing their knowledge with us. In my experience, when I see these three traits, I end up a lot more invested in the course and end up gaining more.
Today a number of my peers met with one of the course directors to try to work some kinks out in the system. Not to say that I like to take a hands-off approach to these matters, but now that I’m in medical school, I am not as concerned about voicing my opinion when there are 49 other leaders there. One thing I learned from working with other leaders, is that sometimes it is best to back off and let others shine because in the end, we all have our strengths and weaknesses and I personally do not think I do well with suggesting ways to be efficient. I mean… look at me… my break from Epidemiology reading was posting this blog entry [which always takes longer than I anticipate at the time of opening the “New Post” page!].
Oh, and embarrassing fact of the day: I walked into lecture late this morning. I always leave my house with ample time to commute to campus, but today was a slow morning so I left maybe 5ish minutes later and ended up spending 20 minutes in traffic [there was an accident]. Yes, it took me 20 minutes to drive ONE MILE. Bah! If only I could predict when these backups will occur. At least I regurgitated some anatomy notecards in my head…
Okay, the procrastination needs to stop here. Until next time…