Day 8: Tigers game day recap, information resource overload and other asides

Today’s inane images of the day:

If you click on the image to enlarge it, you’ll see that OUWB appears on the board at Comerica Park!

How awesome is it that we got to go see the Tigers courtesy of Beaumont Health System?

As you might have been reminded by the above images, yesterday was Tigers Game Day! A good number of us were there alongside a couple of our professors and even Dean Folberg [who was a dedicated viewer — he, unlike many, stayed to see the play that brought the win home to the D!]. Definitely was a lot of fun to see everyone out on such a gorgeous day and to have a chance to relax and not study.

Information Resource Overload
Every Monday we have two hours worth of Capstone sessions. Thus far, we have experienced a total of 4 sessions and I already feel overloaded by the medical information resources available to us.

In my downtime this past summer, I discovered social media and a multitude of fun and interesting websites to stimulate my brain. Unfortunately, the urge to check these websites every other moment of the day has been difficult to ignore — while I have been better about turning off my browser altogether when I am studying [aside from a blank page to search for unfamiliar terms], I always end up spending time I don’t have on the internet.

This being said, I already feel a bit overloaded by the internet. Now add on some medical information resources such as AccessMedicine, MD Consult, Micromedex, and UpToDate [the four websites we focused our attention on today] and I’m not sure I’ll know where to turn in the future to look up medically-related terms. Sure, Micromedex is good for drugs and AccessMedicine has USMLE prep, but all four websites provide a great overview of whatever disease/ailment you might be looking up information on. It’s awesome and daunting all at the same time to have so many places to turn to!

There have been a number of very interesting posts from some of my favorite bloggers — this being said, my discussion of these topics will have to wait until the weekend when I am not required to sit from 8am to 5pm in O’Dowd Hall.

Final Divergence
For any guy out there reading this who may be in or considering the long distance relationship, this:

Being thoughtful is definitely one of the most important ways to sustain a long distance relationship.
…is the way to a woman’s heart [the being thoughtful part].