Day 29: And the verdict is…

Today’s inane image of the day:

Just in case you were wondering, this is the pile of notecards that I ended up with before the exam today… pretty impressive, eh?

I think now is an optimal time to highlight two of my favorite food analogies for what the workload is like in medical school. First and foremost, pancakes [click on the link for a written entry, or try the YouTube video version] and the competitive eater. For anyone currently in or who has completed medical school, you will chuckle and feel a sense of familiarity with the idea. I read the latter entry prior to starting at OUWB and thought I was a step ahead of the game because I knew what was coming — but in reality, you just cannot fully wrap your mind around what it feels like to be in medical school until you experience it for yourself.

This being said, my hefty stack of notecards and hours of cramming over the weekend paid off — I finished off almost all of my pancakes last night and regurgitated them today. Although it wasn’t my best work, what matters is that I passed this exam and now know how to improve my study habits for the next one. Thank you to anyone who responded to my repeated, “I’m quitting medical school,” with a firm refusal and encouraging words — sometimes you need someone else to believe in you when the going gets tough and you can’t see the light at the end.

The average for the exam was a 78% [passing is 70%] — one question was already thrown out, so everyone got the point from that and I wouldn’t be surprised if another couple received the same fate, which would increase all of our scores [and bump up that mean!]. Overall, I thought that the exam was fair and straightforward.

Although I’d love to be able to just crawl into bed with my Medical Humanities reading, we still have an anatomy assessment tomorrow [that I need to prepare for!] and anatomy lab [that I also need to prepare for…].


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    @CodeBlu: You’re going to be so prepared for med school when you start next year. =)

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