Day 185: Love is in the air

Today’s slew of inane images:

The Social Committee bought brown bags and decorations so we could celebrate Valentine’s Day with an old grade school tradition [bringing in tiny fold over Valentine’s cards and candy to drop in everyone’s brown bag]. 
John put a lot of effort into decorating his brown bag! [I got permission from him to post this image]
After decorating, we taped our bags to our lockers.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m not a huge fan of the holiday [even though I have a significant other], but I’ll take any excuse to decorate things with hearts. Mike was in town over the weekend [hence the lack of updates] and we enjoyed our limited time together [as I tried to explain how a pituitary tumor can compress the optic chiasm and lead to bitemporal hemianopsia]. Anyway, I’ll leave you with one last image before I disappear into study-land [our Neuroscience final exam is on Monday… ahhh!].

I also love excuses to get roses. Thank you, Mike!

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