Day 13: Frustration turned around

Today’s inane image of the day:

When we help out during interview days, we are given these notecard packets with maps and other useful information. I was an “escort” [heh…], which means I accompany applicants to their interview and back.

We had a TBL yesterday that put me in a rather foul mood. It wasn’t necessarily because of the TBL itself, but more due to my personal performance on it. It’s no secret that I struggle with multiple-choice exams, but I thought I had been improving in that department – well, apparently not so much. Sometimes I’m able to convince myself that often these tests aren’t representative of my true knowledge, however, there’s no escaping multiple-choice assessments so I’ll have to make due and just keep trying [at least I’m not failing!].

I signed up to participate in the first interview day of the 2012-2013 application cycle, which was yesterday immediately following my TBL. I was a bit concerned about my ability to talk about OUWB when I was feeling rather unhappy – but my mood markedly improved after chatting with some prospective students. One of them asked why I took time out of my busy schedule to do interview days, and I told him that it was because talking with interviewees reminded me of how excited I was to start medical school and proves to be relatively good motivation to keep moving forward.

My evening was topped off with some unexpectedly fun company. And today things are looking rather up [including the weather, which is 90+ degrees – I thought it was almost cider and donuts time?! Oh, Michigan], especially since I checked off a number of tasks this morning and I always feel better when I get stuff done.

Happy weekend, everyone!