Day 35: Updates and link love

Today’s inane images of the day:

A successful kick-off AMWA Dinner With Dr. Nuzzarello!
A beautiful sunset in Pasadena [this was taken from the top floor of a parking deck].
Pasadena night life.

This last week following the Renal and Urinary exam has probably been my most stressful one to date because 1) our Anatomy practical examination grades were held until Thursday afternoon and I was scared about failing 2) I neglected all of my other commitments [i.e. AMWA] to study for the exam and felt overwhelmed by having to play catch-up 3) we didn’t get a break Tuesday morning after the exam – nope, we started class at 7:30AM and went until 3PM. All of these things combined made for a very painful week.

Last weekend while I was studying, I felt empty and well, depressed… so I planned a couple of things to look forward to. One of these things was a weekend trip to visit Mike [as you can see from the photos of Pasadena] – albeit short, it was wonderful and worth the money and fatigue from traveling. Currently, I’m writing this from LAX, awaiting my flight back to Detroit [did you know there was free WiFi in LAX?! I’ve totally been missing out…].

Have you noticed my rather sporadic posting schedule? Well… that’s because all of my blogging juices have been directed toward my weekly Kaplan medical blog entries and the newest addition – The Differential. Here are some recent entries I wrote:

Also, the Oakland Post featured me and this blog in their last issue! Check it out here.
Time to pack up and pack into the plane…