Day 42: Fall is settling in

Today’s inane image of the day:

This is the “trail” I jog [it’s actually on the side of a road, which disqualifies it as a real trail, I guess?] [don’t be fooled – I’m a terrible runner].

There hasn’t been too much happening as of late. I finally feel like things are getting done in AMWA [though, this was at the expense of studying for GI] and I’ve had a brief window of opportunity to catch up with old non-medical-school friends.

Michigan has abruptly decided that fall is here, which means cider mill visits filled with hot cider and warm donuts [admittedly, I’ve already been to the cider mill twice to buy half a dozen donuts]. However, the cooler weather also means that it’s much more difficult to peel myself away from bed in the morning – it’s cold outside of my heavy covers and the sun doesn’t start its lazy ascent until I’m already at school. I’m already kind of dreading the end of Daylight Savings Time [November 4th for those of you who are curious].

When I visited L.A. last weekend, I wondered if I could really abandon having 4 true seasons [as always, it was Sunny and 100+ degrees over there]. As much as I dread the seemingly never-ending gloom of late-Winter when the holidays have passed and everyone is just ready for Spring, I also couldn’t imagine abandoning ethereal snowy mornings. Or breathing in the brisk, winter air. Or the quiet that often accompanies light snowfall.

Then again, as I type this entry, my hands are half-frozen, my toes are a suspicious Raynaud’s color and I’m bundled up in a blanket. I guess I wouldn’t mind flip-flops, flow-y dresses and sunglasses year-round.

Are you enjoying the changing seasons? Do you even like seasons?