Day 66: Custom designs, anyone?

Today’s inane image of the day:

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness month, AMWA is sponsoring a pink ribbon sale at OUWB. I had a lot of fun with other AMWA members making these ribbons…

These last couple of weeks have been interesting… I ran my first 5K [I’m not a runner at all… I was hoping just to beat a 35 min time], got through the GI final exam, have been hard at work planning AMWA events, tried to keep up with blog entries at Kaplan and The Differential, and apparently just discovered a new passion of mine [read on…].

Recently, I was asked by a staff member at OUWB to help design her wedding invitations. She showed me a card she loved on Wedding Paper Divas and asked if it was possible to make something similar. I immediately agreed to try it out and see what I could do.

Many hours later, I made this card with the free graphic design vector-based program, InkScape. And I was inspired to do more and minimalist design detroit was born. I make no claims about my level of expertise in graphic design [let’s face it, I’m a medical student], but I think that I am very capable of making some interesting pieces. At least… let’s hope they’re interesting [you’ll have to let me know after looking through my site].

I’ve also opened up a small Etsy shop – so if you’re in need of wedding invitations, save the date cards or anything related to graphics and you kind of like my style… consider asking me for a custom design!

Our GI final exam [everyone in our class passed – YAY!] and Anatomy practical was this past Monday. Look forward to an upcoming entry reviewing the course.

Now back to medical school related things…? [I’ve been spending an hour here and there designing new card designs and playing around with new techniques. This was really bad news for me as I was trying to study for my GI final exam, because all I wanted to do was try to make pretty things!]