Day 102: A true holiday off

Today’s inane image of the day [scenes from this past study weekend]:

A new Great Lakes Coffee location opened within the Maple Theater so I decided to change up the scenery this past weekend and studied there. Oh, and they were giving away free coffee between 6AM-10AM so that was a plus…
I like pictures of pictures in my textbook.
How awesome is this wall of old cameras?! This definitely sets this particular coffee shop apart from Starbucks – there’s a movie theater attached!

[Rest assured, I have not abandoned Starbucks… I’m just trying out new study partners.]

We just wrapped up our Reproductive unit Tuesday with an NBME exam and anatomy practical [look out for my review on the course in the near future], which means that this Thanksgiving holiday will be the first time I have absolutely nothing pressing to study! Somehow I’ve always had an exam looming right after Thanksgiving or a huge assignment due the week we return, but this year is a first in the do-nothing-over-Thanksgiving-break department for me and it feels really nice. I felt like I floated out of bed this morning because 1.) I didn’t have school; 2.) I didn’t really have to do anything; and 3.) it was sunny outside. Days like these are limited [or almost over – depends on how you look at it], so I plan on enjoying the art of doing nothing for as long as possible.

Last year, around this time I wrote about Giving thanks and I stand by those words today. If I wrote more on what I’m thankful for this year, it would be very similar to last year, so I’ll just leave it at that.

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