Day 260: As of late…

Today’s inane images of the day:

Even though I cut back on coffee, I cannot deny the positive influence caffeine has on my productivity… so I’m back to drinking coffee again [just a lot less than I was earlier in the semester].

I’ve been trying to memorize lists, concept maps and flow charts by re-writing them on my handy new whiteboard [thanks, Mike!] or on the whiteboard wall of my designated study room. [Yes, I have claimed a room in O’Dowd Hall. Come say hi sometime – 216T]. 
I’m growing more and more concerned with how well First Aid will hold up for the next 3 weeks… maybe I should invest in some of those hole punch stickers that keep this from happening!

As I was assisting my dear friend with printing her wedding invitation envelopes [yes, still love designing things!], a colleague asked when he could expect my next blog post. I alluded to my constant stream of posts on The Differential and Med School Insight, but he apparently wanted the voice of this blog… so, hey there! I’m alive!

When I started writing this, I thought that I had updated pretty recently… but when I saw that my last post was on April 8th – three weeks ago – I kind of freaked out a little. How have 21 days already flown by? I do not feel more ready to take Step 1 today compared to three weeks ago… oh, dear.

I started off my dedicated study time rather slowly. Originally, I thought I could hole myself at home and be effective. Well, napping, snacking and cleaning the house tend to get in the way of studying. These activities also somehow make many valuable hours disappear, leaving me flustered and behind schedule. So, I decided to start going to school to study. Turns out that this was a good idea. Except for the fact that I’m still a little behind schedule. Either way, I think I need to see my colleagues in the flesh to stay motivated, so off to school I go for the next three weeks.

[Did you catch that? I take my exam three weeks from today. What happened to all that time I had?]

Time to be productive. Send some love and good vibes my way, please.

Update: AMWA made the OUWB website news!