Lessons learned from intern year – part 1

Today’s inane images of the day:

Ogawa Coffee is my new favorite study spot. Mmm, green tea matcha.
I went home for the July 4th weekend to celebrate the wedding of a college friend – it was a delightful, heart-warming event!
Gloomy, albeit still breathtaking view from the roof deck of my apartment complex. Hello, Boston!
Detroit view at night from Ford
There are definitely still moments when I long for the familiarity of home, Detroit and Henry Ford. So why not throw in a view of Detroit at night?

How have 9 months already passed since my last entry? I still remember the excitement I felt to finally have a chance to write an entry during my Emergency Medicine rotation – in fact, I wrote that mammoth of an entry in almost one sitting [it seems that much of my best work has been written during one sitting – when inspiration for an entry comes to me, it hits hard!]. Either way, the burning question on your minds has probably been, “What’s been going on since you started your Anesthesiology training in Boston?”

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