Application numbers, road tripping

Oh, hey, were you looking for the preview of the OUWB Fall 2011 Schedule? [either click the lazy person link to go straight to the entry, or just scroll down]

Since I’m sure that a number of people are curious about the “numbers” for OUWB’s inaugural class, I thought I’d start by giving you a sample size of n=1 [and if you think about it, with a class of 50 people my numbers account for 2% — how many people can say that about their medical school?!]. You could have already been really SDN savvy and found that one post that I listed them, but not everyone is a forum expert [trust me, you’ll catch up real fast on that front]. Anyway, this post is going to be slightly more detailed.

Are you ready?

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Application resources and other recent ramblings

I was thinking about what I found to be the most consistently helpful resource for the whole medical school application process and decided that it was undoubtedly the Student Doctor Network (SDN) Forums. Although I distinctly remember stumbling upon the forums in high school, I only returned to the site as I was crafting my AMCAS personal comments last summer [I cannot believe it has been a year since I started my primary application!] and somewhat regretted not keeping tabs on application threads earlier [say, like a year before I was planning to apply]. While it takes some time to learn how to weed out pertinent information, read between the mounds of sarcastic lines and muster the courage to finally post in a thread you’ve followed for weeks [well… it took me a while to actually post something], there is so much valuable information available [and all for free — what a deal!].

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