Non-invasive reading [i.e. echocardiograms]

Today’s inane image of the day:

The Heart & Vascular Services at Beaumont Royal Oak have been headquarters for my summer cardiology experience [“internship”]. I can actually find my way around at least a small part of the hospital now!

Nine of us elected to do a Cardiology “internship” [I’m hesitant to call it a true internship as most of what we’re doing is like “advanced shadowing” since it’s definitely more hands-on than shadowing prior to medical school and everything makes so much more sense, however, we still aren’t doing as much as if we were doing a clinical clerkship] [more appropriately, it is a summer Cardiology experience] – and I hope I’m speaking for my group when I say that it has been tons of fun. As with most things, there are definitely high points and mundane points, but overall I am extremely happy that I elected to spend six weeks hanging out with the Cardiologists/Cardiac Surgeons.

Our particular program is setup such that our weekly schedule mimics a Cardiology fellow’s monthly schedule – basically, each week we rotate through a different service [e.g. inpatient, SICU, Cath lab, etc]. We are expected to attend noon conferences [and there’s really no reason for us to skip this – they provide lunch everyday] and Cath conferences [early morning on Tuesdays]. Additionally, each of us spends at least one half-day in clinic following our mentor [each of us were assigned an attending]. Finally, we are also assigned a fellow to follow around each week [the only exception is the SICU/surgical week] – from my experience so far, the fellow generally dictates our schedule outside of the “required” activities.

My first week was spent in “non-invasive reading” which basically translates into performing and interpreting echocardiograms. Imaging is definitely one of my interests so I was pretty excited to start off with this service. The fellow I was assigned to had worked with our TBL group during clinical case studies so I was already somewhat acquainted with him.

The schedule for the week was pretty much performing ultrasounds in the morning [both transesophageal and transthoracic], noon conference, then reading/interpreting the images in the afternoon. Although this may seem somewhat slow-paced… I thought it was an extremely appropriate way to start off, plus I was able to get some experience doing the transthoracic ultrasounds [not that we saved any of the images I got, but hey, I could totally do a mean four-chamber apical view!]. Plus, I’m a big fan of dark rooms with images [this is, of course, assuming I have coffee] [this does not mean I’m going to become a radiologist].

I thought that the best part of my first week was probably picking the brains of the fellows – it’s great to hear their experience going through medical school, residency then finally this fellowship [two of them actually took a year to be a hospitalist prior to starting their Cardiology fellowships – I didn’t realize that this was so common]. Their advice was priceless and they were just a lot of fun to hang out with.

Anyway, I have to get up early to make it to Cath conference – I hope you’re enjoying your summer [I know I’m loving the sunny days!].

Day 25: Photos from the week, First Aid and preparing for the storm

Today’s series of inane images [I felt bad about the sporadic updates this week…so I reward you with many random pictures from my life!]:

[This was from last weekend.] I was in heaven in Duarte because there are like 5 donut places within a mile of Mike’s apartment. I’m not kidding. I guess that’s a good reason not to move out there… I’d be twice the size.

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Day 24: Everything, all at once

Today’s inane image of the day:

I am proud of how quickly I put together this board, and designed and ordered the t-shirts in time for tonight’s Women in Medicine event at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak.

Today was a blur of… seemingly everything all at once. Operating on < 9 hours of sleep in total for the last two nights [while some people seem to be able to function on 4-5 hours of sleep each night, I need at least 7 to feel okay] made it difficult to study for our mini-TBL today, let alone take it [good thing it was straightforward!]. We also had a quick AMWA meeting to discuss the Women in Medicine event in the evening before heading to a very long pathology lecture, followed by a rushed [and hushed] epidemiology lecture. Thankfully, our epidemiology lecture ended early and I did not have to speed like a madwoman from the OU campus to Royal Oak Beaumont.

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Day 11: Beaumont, Big sibs, PRISM, LDR and everything else

Today’s inane image of the day:

Our first PRISM session was about expectations and wellness!

Most Thursdays, we have an excuse to wear our bright white coats because we have all of our classes in one of the Beaumont locations [today was Royal Oak]. I had the chance to walk through the small farmers’ market that sits right outside the South entrance and was happy to find the tastiest vegan desserts at the market. I can’t wait to go back and buy some baked goods next week!

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Day 4…

This is what I’m [attempting] to read [for TBL tomorrow]:

While interesting… it isn’t that riveting of a read [did I mention that it’s 33 pages? And that I had to tackle Robbins and Cotran’s “Pathologic Basis of Disease” prior to it?]

In other news, we did get shiny new Beaumont hospital badges today [no medical student white coat is complete without some sort of identifying tag]! I’ll post an image of it tomorrow… when I catch up on life and all.