Day 95: The OUWB family

Today’s inane image of the day:

THESE ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I have to say… the U.S. is definitely missing out on these Coffee Crisps! [Kudos to my favorite resident/Big Sib program coordinator for passing these out during his Radiology lecture!]

Imagine this: 50 medical students dressed in various types of gym apparel sprawled across a large Beaumont Hospital classroom with every square inch of the carpet completely covered in colorful beach towels and yoga mats. As the lights are turned off, a meditation audio plays. Interspersed are extended moments of silence when suddenly every slight noise seems to make a racket. As time passes, you can hear the breathing rate slow to a steady, calm pace. After a few more moments pass, you hear one student’s slow, steady breaths turn into snores.

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