Numbers and impressions

Oh, hey, were you looking for the preview of the OUWB Fall 2011 Schedule? [either click the lazy person link to go straight to the entry, or just scroll down]

Being the engineer I was/am [I guess I’m working full-time as an engineer right now, so I should make it present-tense], I am somewhat obsessed with numbers [and random lowercase greek letters that do not appear on Fraternity/Sorority houses] — what does this mean? Well, I think it means that I need to start keeping track of certain numbers [this also means that, yes, I will share my application numbers with the viewing audience in the near future] such as days of medical training [I’m thinking that I will count any day that I attend lecture, train in a hospital or study as a day of training] starting with my first day of class [AUGUST 15. Wow. That’s coming up…]. [Have you noticed that I like inserting commentary within my commentary?]

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Schedules make things real

In my fervor to update last night, I completely neglected to mention one of the most exciting emails I received — the “tentative-but-mostly-finished” fall semester OUWB schedule. Being the neurotic person I am, in almost every interaction with the faculty and staff I asked whether the schedule was ready for release. Finally seeing it in all its glory has really made me quite giddy [oh, and there were a couple of other pleasant surprises in that email too…].

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