Words of wisdom for 1st year medical students

Today’s inane image of the day:

Don’t forget to get some fresh air this year. [Photo from my trip to San Fran]

Lately I’ve been getting numerous requests for advice about starting medical school – instead of re-inventing the wheel, I decided to post links to my personal words of wisdom and those of some of my favorite bloggers. Enjoy!

Advice from my first semester of medical school [from this blog]
Med School Insight [that’s me!] – Learning to study when starting medical school
Medical State of Mind – A Word With First Year
Medical AdmissionsTo the class of 2016: Observations from 2015
WayfaringMDAdvice to Medical Students, First Year Edition

As always, feel free to post specific questions as you start on your first year of medical training! Good luck – [not that you need it…!].

P.S. OUWB M1s – enjoy your first day of classes tomorrow. We’ll be right next door if you need anything. =)