Day 29: And the verdict is…

Today’s inane image of the day:

Just in case you were wondering, this is the pile of notecards that I ended up with before the exam today… pretty impressive, eh?

I think now is an optimal time to highlight two of my favorite food analogies for what the workload is like in medical school. First and foremost, pancakes [click on the link for a written entry, or try the YouTube video version] and the competitive eater. For anyone currently in or who has completed medical school, you will chuckle and feel a sense of familiarity with the idea. I read the latter entry prior to starting at OUWB and thought I was a step ahead of the game because I knew what was coming — but in reality, you just cannot fully wrap your mind around what it feels like to be in medical school until you experience it for yourself.

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Day 27: Study day

Today’s inane images of the day:

A couple of things to note: 1.) large stack of notecards only represents a small fraction of the lectures I should know by now; 2.) I really like studying in my kitchen, which leads to the issue of stress eating and consumption of foods I would normally have the will to say “no” to; 3.) What’s open on my laptop: lecture and Facebook.

Yesterday’s caffeinated beverages ingested: 1 solo espresso, 1 tall iced coffee, 2 Irish breakfast teas, 1/2 Red Bull

I am so behind. And frightened. And quite depressed that the clouds won’t cease their downpour on this area. It’s as if Mother Nature sensed that we were stressed and decided to make the weather reflect our mood [I’m going with this theory because it’s supposed to be sunny and beautiful on Monday when our exam is over].

Day 16: Trying to keep my head up

[What I wish was] Today’s inane image of the day:

I’d much rather be happily peaking from behind a palm tree on Hollywood Blvd… 

[What actually is] Today’s inane image of the day:

My hands are tired of writing about the different movements at synovial joints…WHY CAN WE MOVE IN SO MANY DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS?! [Oh yeah, that’s one of the great features of being human…]

I’m definitely having one of those kinds of evenings — oh you know the kind: I’m tired, slightly disheartened and really in need of a motivator. The glam and glitz of starting medical school has worn off and the magnitude of material that needs to be crammed into my head is growing exponentially. I fell behind last week, and now I feel like I am two weeks behind [even though it’s only Tuesday!].

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