Day 224: Unseasonal

Today’s inane image of the day:

I went to San Diego for an evening during Spring Break to avoid this scene of gloomy, overcast skies. At least there were palm trees and was a gorgeous body of water outside of our window! 

I have so many ideas for future entries, but have been out and about enjoying the beautiful weather [70s all week and sunny!] and mingling with some awesome admitted students [last week was Second Look Experience] that I haven’t really had a moment to sit down at my computer and write.

Our Cardiovascular final exam is creeping up so it’s time for me to ramp up the studying. There are a number of factors that are different for this exam: 1) it’s our first cumulative final exam; 2) the questions are written by the NBME [they also write the USMLE]; 3) it’s on the computer [since they are NBME questions, they can only be accessed through their online system…very much like the boards!]; 4) it’s on a Friday [historically, our class has used the 3 day weekend before an exam to cram… now, that option is no longer available].

Anyway, back to the pharmacology [did you know that one side effect of ACE inhibitors that some patients may not tolerate is a cough?].