The calm before the pre-storm [i.e. orientation]

Today’s inane image of the day:

It’s good to be back and enjoying fresh yogurt parfaits in the morning!

Although we “officially” start school tomorrow [woah, what?! WHAT WILL I WEAR?!], I’m calling this week the pre-storm for various reasons:
  1. We aren’t actually doing much… work
  2. There’s a lot of free food involved
  3. There are a lot of social events
  4. We can’t actually be expected to bury our noses in our huge textbooks until we’ve officially been cloaked in our mini-white-coats
I’m sure once the week of August 15 rolls around, I’ll be wondering why I was excited for this whole study-every-waking-moment thing. Or, I’ll be in love [sorry Mike!] and rant about it in tiny little posts here!
By the way, SDN reports that there have been interview invites [oh, and the OUWB interview tracker has confirmed such reports] — I am so excited to meet the interviewees! If you have an interview and want to hang out with me in real-life, let me know!
Now for digging through my closet for that perfect first-day-of-school outfit…

Application resources and other recent ramblings

I was thinking about what I found to be the most consistently helpful resource for the whole medical school application process and decided that it was undoubtedly the Student Doctor Network (SDN) Forums. Although I distinctly remember stumbling upon the forums in high school, I only returned to the site as I was crafting my AMCAS personal comments last summer [I cannot believe it has been a year since I started my primary application!] and somewhat regretted not keeping tabs on application threads earlier [say, like a year before I was planning to apply]. While it takes some time to learn how to weed out pertinent information, read between the mounds of sarcastic lines and muster the courage to finally post in a thread you’ve followed for weeks [well… it took me a while to actually post something], there is so much valuable information available [and all for free — what a deal!].

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