Schedules make things real

In my fervor to update last night, I completely neglected to mention one of the most exciting emails I received — the “tentative-but-mostly-finished” fall semester OUWB schedule. Being the neurotic person I am, in almost every interaction with the faculty and staff I asked whether the schedule was ready for release. Finally seeing it in all its glory has really made me quite giddy [oh, and there were a couple of other pleasant surprises in that email too…].

I’m not sure how hush-hush the admissions team wants me to be about the schedule, so I decided I’d provide my viewing audience a preview of what’s to come [warning: the quality is really quite terrible and I apologize for having to link it over, but Blogger refused to let me insert the image into the post… maybe it’s ’cause I’m not on my laptop…alas, enjoy!]: OUWB Fall 2011 Schedule Preview

How exciting is that?!

More updates to come today.

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