Looking back

Today’s inane image of the day:

Thanks for a great 3 years, LBME!
Today will probably be the last time I visit the Lurie Biomedical Engineering Building (LBME) [weird to put the “the” in there before LBME, since we never call it “the” LBME…] — it’s amazing to think about just how much time we spent in this building stressing over assignments/exams/Senior Design projects, cursing the blue printer for being jammed yet again or chatting about how much work we have to do. During the school year, you could smell the stress lingering in the air; now that it’s summer, it’s incredible how peaceful and clean everything is. The air smells and feels really fresh.
Good news today, I made some headway on analyzing my lab data from yesterday! Woohoo for progress!

As I was perusing Facebook today, someone posted that they were rereading their old LiveJournal entries… this led to my uncovering of my own LiveJournal account [no, I will not share my username with you]. After skimming through a couple of the most recent entries (from 2007) and then hopping back in time to the earliest ones (from 2004), it’s amazing to see how much has changed. I still struggle with some of the same issues that I did 7 years ago, but time has taught me techniques for managing my life and how to scale various hurdles. Furthermore, I distinctly remember being worried that my writing ability would never mature to the level of an adult, but contrasting entries has made it evident that my ability to record thoughts has drastically improved.
Admittedly, I still use the same style of frequent line breaks — I never quite learned how to write  descriptively.
Anyway, time to return to moving stuff out of my apartment and saying my final farewells to Ann Arbor [even though I’ll have to return for a short while to clean my apartment and turn in my keys… but that won’t really be much of a visit].