Preparing for the start of a new chapter

Today’s inane image of the day:

Did you know these diagonal crossings existed? Well they do in L.A. and they’re awesome!

Aside from mentally preparing myself for the start of a new school, I am swamped with several tasks in order to move forward with this new chapter of my life. Such things include:
  • actually completing my move out of Ann Arbor [kind of scary with a potential serial rapist on the loose]
  • tying up loose ends with the Engineering Club [this is so overdue…]
  • preparing my SWE Annual Conference presentation [also so overdue…]
  • finishing my lab data analysis and presentation [only slightly overdue…]
  • settling in at my new place [much of my life is still in plastic garbage bags thrown in various rooms]
  • various OUWB things including, but not limited to: immunization form, online orientation, anatomy primer… etc [the forms never seem to end!]
I’m hoping that by listing these things on a public space, it will motivate me to kick it in high-gear and get everything done before Monday. Obviously there are certain things that have more stringent deadlines than others and I’ll have to prioritize, but it’d be amazing to be able to cross each of these things off my to do list.
Help motivate me to finish these tasks!

3 thoughts on “Preparing for the start of a new chapter

  • August 5, 2011 at 12:04 am

    @Kyle: Clearly, they are taking charge since rapists obviously do not operate on weekends either. BAH! I’m fleeing AA before sunset, for sure.

  • August 5, 2011 at 12:14 am

    Well, you see, weekends are pretty much booked for the hip Ann Arbor resident. You’ve got to go to the farmer’s market Saturday morning, and then the food co-op and IKEA in the afternoon, followed by an evening at a microbrewery like Arbor Brewing. Sunday has brunch and “Meet the Press”, followed by perusing The New Yorker. Afternoons are for writing letters to the editors about those noisy students and how if a new student housing development is built, there will a huge increase in traffic due to all the pizza that those darn students get delivered. After that kind of weekend, any townie would be too exhausted to go assault anyone until Monday evening.

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