Day 36: Little surprises brighten a gloomy day

Today’s [second] inane image of the day:

A beautiful piece of jewelry from Edor to brighten my evening.

When I walked outside this morning, the sky seemed as lost in itself as I was in my thoughts. Throughout the day, the rain and cold wind didn’t help my mood. But I got through the day and was greeted by this tiny little box when I got home.

Originally, I saw this online store on one of my favorite blogs [she lived in Michigan at one point, too!]: A CUP OF JO — although not medically-related, she really highlights a number of gems in her blog. Edor was featured in one of her giveaways, and being the sucker that I am for tiny, inconspicuous jewelry, I fell in love. After showing Mike the website a while back, he hinted that I may find a surprise sitting at my doorstep in the near future.

I won’t show you what I selected [I’ll save that for another day], but it’s absolutely perfect and went well with the sun peeking from below the horizon just before it fell to darkness on this overcast day.