Day 117: How to win this nerdy medical student’s heart during finals

Coffee, donuts, fried carbs… or
EVERY COLOR G2 PEN EVER MADE [good way to extend that last entry, eh?].

[This one was a gift from Mike.]

Time to get ready to review anatomy and mingle with the interviewees over lunch! Hopefully today brings in a good batch of prospective students.

Today’s medical school fact of the day:
The snow is gorgeous and distracting me from learning about vitamins and minerals… but anyhow, did you know that there were a ton of B-vitamins? Yeah. And a deficiency in Niacin, or Vitamin B3 due to poor diets, alcoholism, AIDS, or other diseases results in Pellagra, or the 4D’s: dementia, diarrhea, dermatitis, death. Moral of the story? Eat a balanced diet and alcoholism leads to a lot of vitamin deficiencies.