Day 148: Back at it again

Today’s inane image of the day:

I’m back at that whole studying thing… what happened to break?

The good thing about this new semester is that this morning’s drive wasn’t pitch black like it was the last couple of weeks of the Fall semester. I am impressed at myself for making it to the other side of winter, when the sun peeks its head out from below the horizon at a reasonable hour and actually greets us when we walk out of O’Dowd [not quite sure we will see the sun later today, but hey we’re getting there!].

We’re starting off Neuroscience with a quiz in Anatomy tomorrow… although there are only 5 questions, I counted something like 18 images with labels that we have to memorize.

I’d write more this week, but we have our first AMWA Speaker Series Discussion tonight [with our very own Dr. Nuzzarello] and a lot of planning for the future happening. At this point, I’m trying to solidify my travel plans to California for spring break and something for the summer. Oh, and I’m narrowing down my options for a Capstone project… so many things to straighten out!