Resources for 3rd year clerkship success [honors]

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Surgery Clerkship Books
The books I used to study for my Surgery clerkship and shelf exam.

[Entry Last Updated: 6/23/15] Spring/Summer marks a time of transitions in medical training. Premedical students prepare to begin their training; seasoned first year medical students disperse to conduct research, travel or volunteer; second year medical students emerge from their study caves to see the light of day following the grueling USMLE Step 1 and begin to infiltrate the wards; third year medical students apply to away rotations, compile their resumes, ask for letters and prepare for the best year of medical school; fourth year medical students participate in commencement festivities and bask in the final days of freedom before residency.

It’s quite an exciting time!

Anyway, this entry is meant to provide a list of the resources I used to study for my third year clerkships and shelf exams. I’ll also include other resources I’ve heard others using.

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