Day 10: Feeling the pressure

Today’s inane image of the day:

Whoever thought of putting a pretzel in an M&M was a genius! These are so good…

I tend to eat bad snacks when I’m stressed and these M&Ms were just too hard to say no to… I know I should get out of the habit of snacking on fried foods [you should see the saturated fat content on the chips I was just eating] but food is just so addicting! Plus, my exercise schedule has been completely thrown out of whack because the OU Rec Center is closed for┬ámaintenance┬áthis week. The good news about this is that I’ve started jogging, which is a huge accomplishment for me since I was always the kid with the 13-minute mile in school [not to say that I can do much better than that now, but at least I’m making progress].

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Under construction

If you haven’t noticed yet… I’m trying to revamp the blog a bit. A lot of the template links don’t work at this point, so hold off on clicking around. Hopefully it’ll be somewhat readable by the end of the night tonight!