Day 224: Unseasonal

Today’s inane image of the day:

I went to San Diego for an evening during Spring Break to avoid this scene of gloomy, overcast skies. At least there were palm trees and was a gorgeous body of water outside of our window! 

I have so many ideas for future entries, but have been out and about enjoying the beautiful weather [70s all week and sunny!] and mingling with some awesome admitted students [last week was Second Look Experience] that I haven’t really had a moment to sit down at my computer and write.

Our Cardiovascular final exam is creeping up so it’s time for me to ramp up the studying. There are a number of factors that are different for this exam: 1) it’s our first cumulative final exam; 2) the questions are written by the NBME [they also write the USMLE]; 3) it’s on the computer [since they are NBME questions, they can only be accessed through their online system…very much like the boards!]; 4) it’s on a Friday [historically, our class has used the 3 day weekend before an exam to cram… now, that option is no longer available].

Anyway, back to the pharmacology [did you know that one side effect of ACE inhibitors that some patients may not tolerate is a cough?].

Day 48: Mother Nature must resent us

Today’s inane image of the day:

[Last Night] After a tasty dinner at Little Tree [Royal Oak], S and I headed to Astoria for dessert! 

This week has been absolutely miserable — it isn’t that we were bombarded with more information than usual, or that I was stressed about performance on an assessment [that’s always the case…], but Mother Nature really decided to give us a week of the most downcast weather imaginable. I don’t think I’ve seen the sun once this week. Not to mention, once a couple of droplets of rain falls, everyone suddenly drives like they’ve never experienced precipitation before.

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Day 27: Study day

Today’s inane images of the day:

A couple of things to note: 1.) large stack of notecards only represents a small fraction of the lectures I should know by now; 2.) I really like studying in my kitchen, which leads to the issue of stress eating and consumption of foods I would normally have the will to say “no” to; 3.) What’s open on my laptop: lecture and Facebook.

Yesterday’s caffeinated beverages ingested: 1 solo espresso, 1 tall iced coffee, 2 Irish breakfast teas, 1/2 Red Bull

I am so behind. And frightened. And quite depressed that the clouds won’t cease their downpour on this area. It’s as if Mother Nature sensed that we were stressed and decided to make the weather reflect our mood [I’m going with this theory because it’s supposed to be sunny and beautiful on Monday when our exam is over].